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About us

AO National Radio Technical Bureau (JSC) was set up in 2000. It is a specialized enterprise engaged in conducting theoretical and experimental investigations and tests in the field of electromagnetic compatibility, doing research and development for operators of national and business television and radio networks, cellular and trunk radio systems, for national economic enterprises as well as for the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.

NRTB is the only organisation in the country that has operational experience in developing a computer-based aircraft system to monitor electromagnetic environment. It makes possible to identify and exclude the cause of jamming on communications and to ensure flight operations radio technical support .

NRTB is engaged in designing and developing technological networks of stationary and mobile radio communications based on foreign and home-made equipment. It completes a full cycle of development and procedures required for effective functioning of radio systems.

In 2005, our Company became an official distributor of the ArcGIS geographic information system. Nowadays, the Company can offer its customers a full range of services to implement a corporate geographic information system.

The unique experience and professional qualification of our specialists, some of them with advanced degrees, help us effectively and comprehensively solve a lot of tasks in the field of communications, automated control system design, geographic information technology use and to implement system integration to eventually ensure success to our customers and partners.

We always use a custom-tailored approach and are ready for new and nonroutine decisions. This allows us to find solutions out of seemingly hopeless circumstances, solve complicated sci-tech problems to finally have success.

The operating activities are governed by state standards, enterprise standards and regulations, which form a part of the Quality management system normative documents in accordance with GOST R ISO 9001-2001. The Quality Management System is accredited within the Military Register Voluntary Certification System.

NRTB is a member of The Association of the National Frequency Resource Users (National Radio Association).