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Quality management at NRTB

Since 2000, the NRTB researchers and engineers in conjunction with staff specialists and R&D personnel of the Ministry of Defence of Russia have been doing well in conducting theoretical and experimental full-scale (ground and airborne) investigations with a view to determine conditions of providing electromagnetic compatibility of radio electronic facilities of land mobile radio networks (standards GSM-900, GSM-1800, TETRA, DECT, NMT-450, IMT-MC-450, IMT-2000/UMTS) with radio electronic facilities used by the military, including radio-relay communications lines and radio navigation aids.

The urgency of the work done by NRTB is caused by the government program requirements for integration of Russia into the world information space and rapid rate of adoption of radio technologies – building up trunk communication networks and cellular radio communication networks, digital TV and radio broadcasting networks as well as wideband radio access networks. Such important and large-scale tasks suggest the need for use of documented and continuously operable controlling means to provide perfect business process management. The ambition to have effective operations management has led NRTB to establishing its quality management system.

Originally, there were several reasons to establish the quality management system and all of them were sound enough. First, the observance of international rules of quality assurance made it possible for NRTB to optimize business processes and enterprise activities which resulted in significant improvement of the work quality and increased productivity. In the beginning, NRTB used only GSM-900 standard but after a while thanks to newly developed techniques, smooth research process and manufacturing automation it started using other radio communications standards too. When this happened the employees, involved in the quality management processes understood their place in the process and could see how their work affected the end product. In this way the quality management system became a key factor of the successful development of the enterprise.

Second, no doubt that the current quality management system is improving the enterprise’s public image. The development of a communications industry in Russia is one of the priorities of its economy and international cooperation, therefore a quality management system at the enterprise has become a must of late. A pro-active stand of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media on this issue faclitates the certification of the quality management system. The Ministry incessantly promotes high quality standards which improves the image of this country.

Finally, there was a third reason, probably the most important one. Designing of its own quality management system was dictated by the desire of NRTB to work in conjunction with the Ministry of Defence and other government institutions imposing stringent requirements to quality management systems and production set-up. Specifically, the applicable Certificate of compliance of the quality management system with requirements of the military department according to GOST RV 15.002-2012 is a supplement to ISO 9001 international standard, and consequently, it is impossible to obtain it without preliminary certification to GOST R ISO 9001-2011. The applicable quality management system and the specialized certificate make it possible for the enterprise to find new partners in government agencies and specialized markets thus significantly facilitating access to new market niches.