• AKKR-1M
  • Integral 400 wireless modem
  • Linear antenna array


  • Integral 400 wireless modem
  • It is used to transmit digital data through a radio channel. It is second to none of any known foreign analogues in terms of radio channel parameters. An embedded controller allows setting up a radio network of any complexity at short notice.

    Should you buy wireless modems from our company you will be offered comprehensive aid not only in creating data radio communications system but in getting radio frequency licenses and in certifying the system by appropriate agencies.

  • Linear antenna array
  • The linear antenna array is a unique engineering development of NRTB specialists; it is patented in the Russian Federation.

    The antenna is used in navigation and landing systems on the Russian Air Force aerodromes. A use of this antenna helps improve interference protection of the systems thus ensuring flight safety under complex electromagnetic environment.

  • ArcGIS 9 – a family of new generation software products.
  • In 2005, our Company became an official distributor of the ArcGIS geographic information system. Nowadays, the Company can offer its customers a full range of services to implement a corporate geographic information system.

    A family of ArcGIS programs is developed by ESRI - the undisputed leader in creating and promoting key geographic information systems on the basis of advanced ideas of information technology development and growing demands of a large number of customers. The ArcGIS 9 platform is an optimal solution for creating a corporate GIS, the core of the information system when running large public institutions and profit-making organizations.