• Provision of electromagnetic compatibility
  • Communication object
  • Research and development
  • Informatization
    • Consulting studies
    • Basic research
    • Field research
    • Design engineering
    • Testing complicated systems
    • Information display
    • Automatic process control systems
    • Control paths
    • Geographic information systems
    • Software development
    • Situation centers
      • ArcGIS distribution
      • ArcGIS in transport systems and logistics

Consulting studies

The Company offers a wide range of consulting services relating to radio frequency support to communications systems. Its specialists do analysis and hold consultations with a view to file declaratory documents with the Russian State Commission for Radio Frequencies for a bandwidth assignment to radio electronic facilities, and to file declaratory documents with the General Radio Frequency Centre to assign frequences, radio channels for radiotelephone communication, cellular and trunk radio systems, data communications networks, radio relay lines and wideband access systems.

The Company’s specialists do real-time monitoring when declaratory documents are approved by responsible radio frequency authorities and services of appropriate ministries and institutions; they also offer recommendations for settling possible disputes.