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Basic research

NRTB will resolve all your problems relating to electromagnetic compatibility and among other things will:

  • alalyze electromagnetic environment and identify potential unintended radio interference to stationary, portable and mobile radio electronic facilities;
  • draw up power, frequency and other limitations to radio emission parameters of radio electronic facilities;
  • make recommendations with regard to rational use of a radio frequency resource on the basis of the electromagnetic compatibility requirements.

The theoretical research is based on mathematical models of electromagnetic environment assessment and on those employed to determine conditions for electromagnetic compatibility of the radio electronic facilities under study. The mathematical models are implemented into twelve specialized software systems consisting of 35 software components. 

table7 table8

The distinctive features of the specialized software are the following:

  • Detection of cumulative interference at the receiver input of radio electronic facilities, with the interference being formed by all radio-frequency radiation sources operating within the given area in the frequency range under study.
  • Use of advanced GIS technologies (ArcGIS, Gis Karta 2008).
  • Possibility to do calculations for several thousand sources of radio-frequency radiation participating in the creation of electromagnetic environment in the given area.
  • Use of ingenious radio path calculation methods for high accuracy estimates of field density at given points and in airspace zones at any angle of radiaton and under various conditions of refraction.
  • Automatic check and analysis of the received regional frequency allocation plans.
  • Use of ingenious technical solutions produced by NRTB specialists and confirmed by appropriate Russian patents for invention. 

Specialized software