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      • ArcGIS in transport systems and logistics

ArcGIS geographic information platform in transport systems and logistics

The ArcGIS 9 package of new-generation software programs developed by ESRI is a cutting-edge platform designed for creating a corporate integrated decision support system based on computer-aided means for gathering, storing, processing and displaying spatial information.

The ArcGIS platform helps companies throughout the world succeed in resolving the problems of mapping, effective management of transport facilities and networks, effective transportation of people and cargo (logistics).

NRTB offers a full range of services to introduce a corporative geographic information system to transport and communication enterprises.

Primary functions:

  • Centralized cargo and passenger traffic control
  • Analysis of traffic load, development and optimisation of traffic routes
  • Planning construction of new routes
  • Planning and monitoring repairs
  • Solving the problem of monitoring technical state of vehicles, information support of security and goal seeking systems, mitigating risk when transporting high-value or hazardous cargo, etc.

Set of tools:

ArcGIS Desktop is a workstation used by the GIS professional; ArcView, ArcEditor and ArcInfo desktop products are for control of GIS data.

Additional modules

  • Network Analyst — module for network analysis and routing of vehicles;
  • Tracking Analyst — module for tracking and analyzing run-time objects on a real-time basis;
  • Logistic — module for routing of vehicles and cargo traffic; it is adapted to Russian addressing system;
  • Spatial Analyst — module for processing bitmap images, for joint analysis of bitmap and vector data;
  • Survey Analyst — module for controlling geodetic database based on ground survey and GPS measurements (the product was developed together with Leica Geosystems);
  • Maplex — module for automated placement of captions on digital maps;
  • ArcPress — module for improvement of map printing;
  • Data Interoperability — module for direct reading, transformation and export of data formats.
  • ArcGIS Server — scalable server product for creating a corporate GIS, solving time consuming tasks and creating GIS portals in the internet.
  • Map Object — set of libraries for creating inhouse GIS applications.
  • ArcGIS Engine — set of plug-in instruments for integration with other desktop environments.

Field of use:

  • Automobile roads, railroads, road services
  • Passenger stations, airports, sea and river ports
  • Passenger transport
  • Motor-vehicle pools
  • Cargo traffic, transport logistics
  • Construction, operation, housing and utilities infrastructure
  • Rescue services, ambulance service, defence and law enforcement agencies
  • Safeguard services, delivery services, collection services