• Provision of electromagnetic compatibility
  • Communication object
  • Research and development
  • Informatization
    • Consulting studies
    • Basic research
    • Field research
    • Design engineering
    • Testing complicated systems
    • Information display
    • Automatic process control systems
    • Control paths
    • Geographic information systems
    • Software development
    • Situation centers
      • ArcGIS distribution
      • ArcGIS in transport systems and logistics

Software development

The main lines of the Company’s activity in the field of software development are development and introduction of information analysis systems, corporate information systems and automated control systems.

We are ready for cooperation at any level. We are able to work out any engineering solution, to get down to development of any part of computer software or be responsible for the entire process beginning from collection and analysis of requirements and ending with maintenance of information system.

We shall do analysis and testing of the information infrastructure at your enterprise, analyze business processes and help determine the goals you are to achieve. Our specialists will provide a variety of solutions to your current problems and difficulties as well as to those which will arise after analyzing business processes.

Our specialists enjoy experience in developing applications for various platforms (Windows, UNIX), including cross-platform solutions (Eclipse). Languages C, С++, Delphi, Qt, C#, HTML, Java, JavaScript, as well as specially configured software based on web technologies (PHP, ASP). The data base management systems used: Microsoft SQL, Firebird, MySQL, PostgreSQL.

We use ready-made products and update available ones; the enterprise automation based on 1C Enterprise 8 Platform with the management by procedures being applied.