• Provision of electromagnetic compatibility
  • Communication object
  • Research and development
  • Informatization
    • Consulting studies
    • Basic research
    • Field research
    • Design engineering
    • Testing complicated systems
    • Information display
    • Automatic process control systems
    • Control paths
    • Geographic information systems
    • Software development
    • Situation centers
      • ArcGIS distribution
      • ArcGIS in transport systems and logistics

Automatic process control systems

The Company is engaged in development, implementation (on a turnkey basis) and support of automation systems which provide monitoring, control and supervision of the facilities of power networks, heat power engineering, water supply systems, etc.

Primary functions:

  • collecting and processing information about the current processes and condition of equipment of the units subject to automation;
  • visual representation of the incoming information in the form of texts, charts, tables, diagrams, etc.
  • representation of the units subject to automation as mnemonic diagrams with the display of time history of their condition and modes of operation;
  • analysis of current deviations of the monitored parameters values beyond set limits (preventive, alarm, emergency limits) with the forecasting of negative processes;
  • signalling about emergencies and other events;
  • contolling connectivity of the units subject to automation;
  • registration, storage, display and documentation of events and values of the parameters under control;
  • providing recommendations as to the personnel behaviour in case of technological and emergency events;
  • remote control of the equipment;
  • keeping a daily operating log.

Automation problems are resolved on the basis of the use of, among other things, the in-house SCADA system which enables creating a system in the form of wide-area hierarchical structures, the latter comprising a large amount of subordinated and interworking facilities including distant ones.