• Provision of electromagnetic compatibility
  • Communication object
  • Research and development
  • Informatization
    • Consulting studies
    • Basic research
    • Field research
    • Design engineering
    • Testing complicated systems
    • Information display
    • Automatic process control systems
    • Control paths
    • Geographic information systems
    • Software development
    • Situation centers
      • ArcGIS distribution
      • ArcGIS in transport systems and logistics

Design engineering

Radio-communication digital systems engineering and building

Design works:

  • Drawing up a business-plan to build up a network, planning a system project and a feasibility study.
  • Regional frequency allotment planning
  • Study of the electromagnetic environment in places where radio electronic facilities are planned to be installed.
  • Doing survey work.
  • Developing a working draft.
NRTB offers a complete cycle of works relating to engineering, building and commissioning of radio communication facilities.

Building of communication objects: 

· Arranging supply of equipment produced by Russian and foreign manufacturers in accordance with design specifications.

  • Equipment testing.
  • Building and assembly works/erection supervision.
  • Start-up and commissioning.
  • Developing instruction manuals, programs and methods of acceptance tests.
  • Organizing and conducting acceptance tests.

Consulting services:

  • Research and engineering support to the licensing of communication systems and radio frequency allotment

Technical support:

  • Consultations by specialists
  • Interaction with equipment manufacturers
  • Equipment repair
  • Personnel training

NRTB specialists do the most labour-intensive works associated with engineering, building, commissioning on a turn-key basis and operating radio communications. In particular, the following services are provided:

  • measuring parameters and analyzing actual electromagnetic environment in the areas of installation of radio electronic facilities;
  • designing radio communication systems;
  • performing project appraisals;
  • making recommendations with regard to rational use of a radio frequency resource;
  • technical and technological solutions;
  • start-up and commissioning;
  • conducting acceptance tests;
  • issuing sanitary certificates for radio electronic facilities;
  • measuring technical parameters of radio electronic facilities at the stage of commissioning;
  • measuring geodesic coordinates at installation sites of radio electronic facilities;
  • identifying interference sources under complicated electromagnetic environment;
  • working out recommendations for interference-free communication between radio electronic facilities of different applications.